Moving Average Derivative (Multi Time-frame)

Indicator for MetaTrader

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Product description

Moving Average Derivative is an indicator showing Derivatives of a Moving Average as an histogram.

Moving Average Slope and Trend sanity: the indicator measures the sanity of a trend change by calculating the moving slope.

Helps discarding false local entry opportunities: this indicator will help focusing on safe entries and refining entry strategies.

The histogram is easily readable or may be easily integrated into Expert Advisors.

This version is multi time-frame: on your current chart, the indicator can display the derivative calculation from a higher time-frame.

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Product details

Indicator functionalities:

Derivatives are of greatest interest for any trading method, strategy or system that rely on latest trends. Many Experts Advisors integrate with Moving Averages if they want to check the recent trend behaviour, however identifying the latest strength and sanity of this behaviour is not often integrated. This is because an MQL programme does not easily implement a stable, generic measure of whether the increase or decrease of an averaged price is following a safe pattern.

Moving Average Derivative is an indicator showing Derivatives of a Moving Average as an histogram. Recent values of this histogram will show the rate of change of an instrument's price. Therefore it will help assessing the sanity of a trend by checking the recent Moving Average Slope.

The reading of this indicator will help discarding local entry opportunities and refining entry strategies.

The histogram may be shown as absolute or negative/positive.

The histogram is easily readable or may be easily integrated into Expert Advisors for trade opportunity detections.


A documentation is provided with this indicator, on top of the executable and this MQL code, at the time of purchase.
Please read it first and refer to it.
Customer support is available as described in the documentation.

Documentation preview:

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The Documentation is provided in native English.
The code is documented in English.


The programme has been tested in a variety of MetaTrader distributions (JFD, Corespread, Oanda, FXCM etc) as well as under Linux or Windows.



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Product price: 21.80 USD

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