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Manage the Risk, Manage your Money, Manage your Profit.

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Free & Unlimited code changes on all products.

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8-Day Money Back Guarantee with code change option.

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Free & Unlimited product upgrades, free lifetime support.

Trade Currencies / Forex, CFD, Stocks, Indices, Commodities with intelligent tools for Metatrader.

Our products are designed to integrate with your trading style so you will analyse a market faster, hide your new or pending trades from your broker, enter a trade securely, manage your money and profit.


Our experts do the Profit Management for you. They provide hidden stop-losses & take-profits, also called soft stop-losses and soft take-profits, so your targets remain entirely hidden to the broker. The experts also generate trading profit histories, trade by trade. This will allow you to refine your exit strategy and trailing stops, instrument by instrument.


Our scripts also implement hidden stop-losses & take-profits, as well as hidden pending orders. They also accelerate the setup of a trade, ensuring you apply your Risk Management plan in an instant.

Technical Indicators

Our indicators are all Multi Time-Frame, this means they are able to give information taken from a different time-frame. You can integrate them into your trading systems for safer entries & exits. They integrate into algorithmic/automated or manual systems.

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Build a solid Trading System and a Plan that will profitably run "trade in, trade out".

Our code is written with rigor, tested and properly documented: you buy quality software.

Trading requires an enormous amount of time spent in market research and testing. To build a growing profit, integrate professional tools.

Silent Officer Standard

Script for Metatrader 4. A tool that brokers would like you NOT to have.
Speed up your trade setup: implement your Risk and Money Management quickly, simply, efficiently.
Keep your Take Profits and Stop Losses outside of the broker's order book (hidden stops/takes).

Silent Officer Extended

All functionalities of the Standard version, plus pending orders outside of the broker's order book (hidden pending orders).

Silent Tracker

Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4. Another tool that brokers would prefer you NOT to have.
Monitores your opened trades, closing them as per your Risk and your Profit expectations defined in your trading plan (hidden stops/takes).
Creates audit records for offine profit analysis.

Silent Manager

Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4. Yet another tool that brokers would prefer you NOT to have.
All functions of Silent Tracker but monitores a group of opened trades as per a defined trading scope. This expert is both a Risk Management tool and a Profit Management tool.

Risk & Profit bundle

Pack of Risk & Profit management tools.
Hide all your trade logic from brokers.
Enforce risk management in a few clicks. Implement unlimited trailing stops. Build history of profitable trailings.

N-Exponential Moving Averages (Multi Time-frame)

Indicators for Metatrader 4.
Double, Triple and Quadruple Exponential Moving Averages.

Moving Average Derivative (Multi Time-frame)

Indicator or Metatrader 4.
Measure the sanity of a trend change, discard the false local entry opportunities and target the profitable ones.

Impulse (Multi Time-frame)

Indicator or Metatrader 4.
Measures the sanity of a trend, especially when checking longer time-frames first.

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